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Need A Pet? Get A Robot Dog. It’s Smartphone Controlled Too.

robot dog

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Unique Successful Hydrogen Fueled Underwater Robot


Robojelly, Hydrogen Fueled Underwater Robot
The robot nicknamed Robojelly due to its jellyfish like form and type of movement was created by the US scientists headed by Dr. Tadesse, from the University of Texas at Dallas. This is the first underwater robot known to use the external hydrogen for its power.

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Gymbot: Personal Trainer For Exercise Inspirations


Gymbot Personal Trainer Robot, 2020, Massimo Battaglia
Gymbot Personal Trainer Robot was developed by Massimo Battaglia specifically to stay with a customer 24/7 encouraging him/her to both exercise and keep healthy diet.

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C.R.A.B. Police Robot (Video)

Future Military, CRAB, Cybernetic Autonomous Remote Barricade, Jamie Martin, police robot
Designed for Dalton/Stanley, a fictional weapons and armaments company, the CRAB (Cybernetic Autonomous Remote Barricade) by designer by Jamie Martin is a futuristic robot to revolutionize policing in London.

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Top Ten Robots That You Never Knew You Wanted

Technology maybe overwhelming for most us, but the future generation is so with it! They have the hang of ever little new gadget and gizmo that comes our way. Which brings me to robots; I can’t fathom the need of an electronic being to do chores for us. I can understand their presence in the medical and industrial arenas; but Irona suits Richie Rich the best. However looking at the current crop, I think it’s best to compile a list of Ten Robots that they never knew they wanted.

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