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Motorola launches Android powered MOTOLUXE and DEFY MINI

Motorola announced to unveil the stylish MOTOLUXE and the DEFY MINI smartphones for 2012.

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Android Vs. iOS – Pros and Cons

Now a days the Mobile phones are the Gadgets which is used by the most of the People around the world. A Mobile phone’s performance is determined by it Hardware as well as By its Software (Operating system).

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Angry Bird – Year of the dragon is released , Start your download

Some weeks ago , Rovio announced that they will launch the Angry Bird – Year of the dragon in few weeks. Rovio released the Angry Bird – Year of the dragon as they announced. Now you can start download and enjoy the game.

The Year of the Dragon special edition features 15 new levels and also new  game elements like exploding fireworks, and also a  “Mighty Dragon” in the place of the Mighty Eagle. The latest edition is a free installment, and available of iOS and Android platforms. Well, what are you waiting for?

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Download Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Skin Pack for Windows 7

Ice Cream sandwich is the Latest update for Android Mobile phones. All the mobile world is attracted by this update. Previously we have written a article on How to install android Ice Cream Sandwich on a PC. 

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How to convert installer application into poratable application

Our softwares need to install for running. We may think that making a portable software requires high knowledge. P-Apps software lets you to convert installer application to portable application.

The way P-Apps works is that, it first takes a  snapshot of your system before you install a program. It then again takes a snapshot of your system after you install the software. It then compares the two and stores the differences, like new files, new registry entries, etc, in the portable package of the installed software.

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